Corporate responsibility

Transparent and correct across the board

The nonfinancial issues and aspects of corporate governance, compliance, anti-corruption and bribery matters, compliance with antitrust law and the respect for human rights are outlined below. All of the above points have responsibility and risk minimization in common.

As a global enterprise with an approximately 130-year history, Vossloh has a social responsibility toward its customers, employees, partners, investors and the public. This corporate responsibility includes the Company and its employees adhering to the laws as applicable, respecting basic ethical values and acting in an exemplary fashion at all times and in all scenarios.

Corporate Governance

As a German stock corporation, Vossloh AG has a dual management and monitoring structure as reflected in the two bodies the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. Both bodies have an obligation toward the Company’s well-being and the interests of the shareholders. As a third body, the Annual General Meeting is responsible for important fundamental decisions made by the Company.

Compliance/combating corruption and bribery/ compliance with antitrust law

Preventing violations of the law of any kind, in particular corruption and anticompetitive behavior, is a key concern of the Vossloh Executive Board for the entire Group. The Executive Board has also unequivocally summed this up in its Compliance Commitment, which states: “Compliance with the law has absolute priority over closing a deal or achieving internal targets. We would rather forgo a business opportunity than violate the law. We do not tolerate any violation of the law or of our internal guidelines and policies and will sanction any such behavior (zero tolerance policy).” The area of Compliance is overseen within the Executive Board by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Executive Board of the Vossloh Group has established a compliance management system. The Vossloh Group’s Rules of Procedure of the Compliance Organization govern the Compliance Organization, the assignment of responsibilities to officeholders and the reporting duties of all the different company levels. The compliance management system is designed to identify compliance violation risks and to minimize these risks in order to prevent Vossloh and its employees from incurring damage and liability risks. Since 2007, Vossloh’s compliance management system has been based on the Vossloh Code of Conduct. Compliance as part of business activities constitutes part of regular classroom training held at all the Vossloh companies. Compliance audits are performed – usually with the assistance of external audit firms – in order to verify that the compliance management system rules are being observed within the individual operating units. These are performed both ad hoc and without there being any specific suspicions.

Respect for human rights

Vossloh respects the internationally recognized human rights in its business activities. As a globally acting Group, Vossloh actively promotes diversity within its workforce. In 2019, the Company employed men and women from over 45 countries and with a wide range of qualification levels, education levels, vocational training paths, career experience and service years within all of its hierarchical levels. To minimize the risk of child labor, the Company, as a rule, does not employ anyone under the age of 14 or 15 (depending on the legal provisions in the different countries). In addition, the majority of Vossloh’s production facilities are located in Europe. Employees under the age of 18 are usually apprentices. The instructors responsible for them are duty-bound to observe all the relevant labor law and occupational safety rules and provisions. A whistleblower hotline is available in order for possible misconduct to be reported. No human rights violations were reported in the 2019 fiscal year (2018: also no reports).

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