Good corporate

Vossloh prides itself on its status as a “good citizen”. As such, the company is involved in social and charitable initiatives in the communities where a site is established.

In terms of „Good Corporate Citizenship“, Vossloh‘s materiality analysis identified the issue of corporate volunteering as relevant to Vossloh in connection with sustainability: The Group aimed to establish a Group-wide corporate volunteering program over the course of 2022.

Corporate volunteering

Social topics at Vossloh have so far been the responsibility of the various operational units; accordingly, there has been no Group-wide concept so far. In addition, the contributions made to the community by the individual corporate entities at the various sites were not systematically recorded. In a first step, the corporate volunteering program „Stronger Together – Responsible. Caring. Generous.“ was developed in 2022. The aim is to support Vossloh’s vision and values by encouraging employees to take responsibility for their communities and social environment. Staff are granted up to one (paid) day off per year to spend volunteering.

In order to draw up a set of uniform guidelines across the Group, the diverse activities of Vossloh‘s units were compiled into an overview which was then analyzed by using models from other companies. The internationally renowned business school ESCP Berlin was brought on board as a professional partner to assist with drawing up and implementing the program. The program is due to be rolled out across the Group over the course of the year after a final review in spring 2023.

Individual Vossloh companies traditionally support civic society at their respective locations in a variety of ways. For example, associations, social and cultural institutions, and organizations that support disadvantaged people receive donations in cash and in kind. A number of Vossloh units release employees for voluntary work in the public interest, such as firefighting, sitting on local councils and charity work. The Lifecycle Solutions division uses funds that can be awarded to charitable organizations to promote increased participation in social, athletic, cultural or environmental areas by its employees. At the Australian subsidiary Austrak, employees have a paid absence day which they can use to work for a charity organi-zation of their own choice.