Supportive and motivating working

Ageing societies in industrialized countries, a shortage of skilled workers in many parts of the world, increasingly digital working environments, global competition for well-trained engineers, changing expectations of employers among the younger generation: These are just some of the challenges in the area of human resources that Vossloh has to face. The company therefore attaches great importance to offer employees a motivating working environment. Being a sustainably oriented company in a crisis-proof industry is an important component of employer branding activities

Modern IT equipment, daily fruit offerings, free mineral water, surprise gifts on special occasions (such as Christmas, Easter, in the USA also Thanksgiving), sports groups or joint activities for the workforce are natural incentives for employees at many Vossloh locations.

Vossloh practices a life-phase-oriented HR policy. The issue of work-life balance is discussed constructively between employee representatives and management. For example, all French companies in the Vossloh Group have a so-called social pact for a better balance between professional and private concerns, including privileges for parents and employees who care for their relatives at home. The German Vossloh companies are certified in accordance with the “Work and Family“ audit. In 2023, Vossloh Germany received the “Top Employer“ award from the renowned Top Employers Institute.

Topics that further strengthen Vossloh’s sustainability approach are also incorporated into the company’s bonus system. The uniform Group-wide Fit 4 Future ideas program has been in place since 2021. All employees can submit ideas via an app available in many languages and support their implementation across all business areas. In total, employees from all business units submitted over 900 new ideas in the 2023 reporting year. Over 400 ideas were implemented in 2023. The express aim is to reduce the use of materials, energy, manpower and working time in all areas of the company. The best projects resulting from the proposals submitted take part in an annual competition. Three projects selected by a jury are awarded the Eduard Vossloh Prize. The finalists present their ideas at the annual Leaders Lounge management meeting. The first prize of €15,000 in 2023 was awarded to a team from Vossloh Fastening Systems in Germany.

Vossloh Group companies assess employee satisfaction by means of regular surveys regarding various focal issues. The results are used to derive measures that contribute to the further development of the company. The last survey at the end of 2023 focused on the perception of Vossloh as a brand both inside and outside the organization. In addition to customers worldwide, 475 employees were also surveyed. 84 % of them stated that they can identify with Vossloh as an employer and that they work in a supportive, professional and experienced environment on an equal footing. In addition, 84 % of the survey participants rated the products and solutions as high quality and valued the experience (86 %), expertise (78 %) and reliability (71%) of the company they work for. 74 % emphasized the secure jobs and long-term prospects that the employer offers them. 69 % praised the responsibility shown in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness, and the same number of employees said they were proud to work for Vossloh. In addition, surveys were conducted among employees at Vossloh Fastening Systems in China (on working conditions) and in Poland (on the training courses organized) as well as at Vossloh Tie Technologies (on the health program). In the Customized Modules division, Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems is a pioneer in employee surveys and focuses on work motivation. The approach is to be adopted by the division‘s other units from 2024.