Sustainable supply chain
and operations

Our commitment to responsible sourcing

As part of the eight sustainability initiatives adopted by Vossloh AG's Executive Board, Vossloh has also voluntarily committed itself to responsible sourcing.

For Vossloh, responsible sourcing means a commitment to the highest environmental, social and governance standards in procurement decisions. Vossloh AG's Executive Board has laid down this basic principle in its Responsible Sourcing Commitment.

To implement this goal, Vossloh relies on close cooperation with its partners. In 2022, a concept for managing sustainable purchasing was developed and established in the Vossloh Group. The responsible sourcing management system ensures that sustainability criteria are given significant consideration in the course of commissioning suppliers and during cooperation with them. In its cooperation with suppliers, Vossloh works towards a continuous improvement of environmental and working conditions as well as in the area of good governance.

Risk Assessment

In a comprehensive process and in cooperation with an independent auditing firm, the Vossloh Group 2022 identified sustainability risks relevant to Vossloh in its Business Units and in representatively selected Group companies and assessed their relevance in existing supply chains.

Supplier Selection

By 2025, 90 percent of Vossloh's strategic purchasing volume shall qualify as sustainable

Vossloh's responsible sourcing management system requires strategic suppliers to provide information on their compliance with environmental, social and governance standards. Based on this self-disclosure together with the corresponding evidence, the Vossloh purchasing departments create a sustainability profile of the supplier. We expect all our suppliers to maintain a minimum level of sustainability quality and internal measures to make their business activities sustainable and aim for 90 percent of the strategic purchasing volume to be sustainable by 2025.

Cooperation with suppliers and Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Existing and new strategic suppliers are requested to acknowledge the Vossloh Code of Conduct for Business Partners. The Code of Conduct defines essential and binding Vossloh principles and rules on sustainable trade for our business partners:
  • Compliance with the law,
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery,
  • Fair competition, antitrust and intellectual property rights,
  • Conflicts of interest,
  • Respect for the fundamental rights of employees,
  • Prohibition of child labour,
  • Health and safety of employees,
  • Environmental protection,
  • Transparency in the supply chain,
  • Responsible sourcing of minerals.

Compliance with the recognised obligations is checked in the course of regular audits based on the identified risk profile and taking into account country-specific risks of the supplying production site.

Consequences in the event of infringements

If a business partner does not meet the expectations defined in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, Vossloh generally works towards improvements. In the event of serious violations of the obligations under the Vossloh Code of Conduct for Business Partners or repeated unwillingness to demonstrate appropriate remedial action, the business relationship may, among other things, be terminated.

Conflict Minerals

A particular focus of sustainable procurement is the prohibition of the purchase of so-called conflict minerals (3TG). Ensuring that such raw materials are not sourced is part of Vossloh's supplier selection process and part of the commitments of our suppliers in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Contacts for notifications

Employees, business partners and third parties can contact the responsible internal departments at Vossloh or the Compliance Ombudspersons with indications of possible violations against the Code of Conduct for Business Partners and with questions regarding the Vossloh sustainability criteria.