All fields of application

Conventional rail

Conventional tracks connect almost every city in Europe. They run through the tunnels in the Alps and further towards the East. Wherever Vossloh long-lasting fastening and switch systems are installed, rail operators benefit from the high investment protection offered by our solutions, right from the very first day.

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High speed

As a global market leader, Vossloh is involved in most high-speed lines world wide. Because high-speed is our passion – even for rail maintenance. [more]

Heavy Haul

Vossloh provides rail fasteners and switches for axle loads of up to 42 tons at a maximum speed of 80km/h which meet with international standards and combine high efficiency with uncompromising safety. Our heavy haul solutions work even under extreme environmental conditions. [more]

Urban transport

Public transport is seen as a key factor for sustainable urban development. Vossloh is driving change in urban transport systems with custom solutions for a modern, low-maintenance rail network. [more]

Type of Track

Ballasted track: the combination of concrete sleepers on ballast is the most commonly used track world wide. Vossloh has system solutions for all fields of application, as well as for different load profiles. Slab tracks: Vossloh is a sought-after specialist in slab tracks. [more]

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