Conventional rail

Universally applicable – investment protection included

Conventional rail networks are the result of large investment over the course of decades. Mainline rail continues to account for the vast majority of rail networks worldwide.

Conventional tracks connect almost every city in Europe – new lines of this type are currently being constructed in central and eastern Europe. Vossloh’s product solutions are long-lasting, low maintenance and save lifecycle costs.

W systems are in use on ballast tracks in over 70 countries and over 100,000 km of standard rails, and the 300 range is also in use on approximately 7,000 km of slab track. Vossloh tension clamps provide a stable fastening solution with an axle load of up to 26 tons. The highly elastic components ensure a comfortable journey and protect the track.

Intelligent renovation – upgradeable systems

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In order to sustainably operate mainline rail in the 21st century, it is necessary to adapt the existing tracks to meet new requirements through renovation measures. Our upgradeable rail fastening systems help here – they significantly reduce highly elastic component track vibrations and shaking. This reduces grinding and thereby maintenance costs. We know how to keep investment in infrastructure profitable in the future.

V-net switches with a quality guarantee

Vossloh’s V-Net segment encompasses its entire range of switch solutions for conventional rail products, which can be installed on concrete, wood or metal sleepers or on slab tracks. Ideally coordinated products, such as monoblock frogs made of manganese, forged switch blades and drive systems for optimized train movement are also part of this range.

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